how I work

Annelies den Besten

industrial designer


Master of Industrial Design Engineering,
Delft University of Technology


 annelies den besten design
 cheerful objects

what I do

I design together with my customers cheerful objects. My clients are the companies that make these objects. They want to sell their products well, even over long periods.I design objects, which are fine to useThey are beautiful in a subtle way. So they remain affordable. Many people use my designs in their daily livesThere they are happy and me too.
In a chic way you can say: the aesthetics of daily life.

how I work

I listen to the demand of my clients. What are they looking for? How can I help them with that? I imagine the user. What does he or she long for? I look around a lot, in shops, at trade fairs, in magazines, on the internet and on the streets. What do people find beautiful?
This is how I get my ideas. Then the bubbling and fermentation begins. I make sketches and simple models. Together we will choose the best ideas. 

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